Will A Piano Cover Protect My Piano From The Sun?

The answer to the question of whether our piano covers will protect a piano from the sun is – “it depends”.

Look it’s no secret that piano’s can bleach when subjected to long periods of direct sunshine – like pretty much anything (even human hair!) and this is the sort of damage a good piano cover will prevent.

Whilst the piano may still warm up with a cover on, the damage caused to the piano surfaces by the various ultraviolet and other rays in the sunshine, can be blocked.

But only if the cover is thick enough and well manufactured.

Our piano covers are either 3 (PowerGuard) or 5 (PremierGuard) layers thick – no sunshine getting through there!

So that’s why I say ‘it depends’ – the quality of protection is determined by the quality of the cover.

Keep your piano’s lustre intact – protect it today with a ROQSOLID piano cover.


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