Why Do I Need A Piano Cover?

Why Do I Need A Piano Cover?

This is a question we are often asked.

The first thing to consider is dust.

Dust has a habit of getting into everything – the smallest nooks and crannies and places you would never even think it could reach.

This can have a profound impact on things like wound strings which get dull when dusty, and formerly well-greased mechanics which get sticky and refuse to perform properly as the dust slowly turns the grease to grinding paste.

A simple thing like dust can ruin the sound and performance of your beloved instrument over the years.

The next thing to consider is surface damage.

There’s nothing worse than seeing water rings, scratches, dings, chips and the like on a polished surface.

Not only is it unsightly, this is damage which can be very expensive to fix on a piano.

A recent look through UK piano repair sites shows a ‘French Polish’ which would fix these sorts of blemishes will set you back between £1500 and £4500 depending on the repairs involved, size of piano etc.

Seems the old adage ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is not only true, it’s also much cheaper!

Finally, something that doesn’t apply to everybody is whether or not your piano is exposed to sunlight on a frequent basis.

As we all know, anything exposed to ongoing sunlight tends to bleach.

Worse still, given enough time and sunlight, wood surfaces may not only bleach, they could even craze,  crack and distort – back to the piano repair and restore merchants again and a BIG dent in your budget if that’s the case.

And all of this is preventable – by the mere application and removal of a top quality piano cover.

So yes, if you want to keep your piano in tip top condition for years to come and keep repairs and maintenance down to a minimum, a top-class piano cover is essential in our opinion.


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