Who Should I Buy My Piano Cover From?

With so many companies jumping on the bandwagon and the piano cover products being manufactured varying to such a marked degree in quality, style and materials used, there just isn’t a simple answer.

So here’s an important consideration before you purchase: where is the manufacturer based?

Why is this important? 

Here’s one major reason – if the manufacturer is overseas and you are not satisfied with what you receive and want to send it back, the cost to do that can be astronomical.

To give you an idea, as a company we can send a piano cover to Australia for around £75.00. Yes it’s slower than some companies, still has to go through all the import checks, but it’s fully tracked and the success rates are excellent.

If we get it wrong however and the customer wants to return it, they are looking at anything between £150 and £250 to do so!

So it’s important to get your purchase right – first time around.

How do you do that?

Well you need to work with a company that will hold your hand through the purchase process.

You need your questions answered, be able to request swatches if you aren’t sure of the materials, be confident the cover will fit correctly and know that if you then still aren’t happy with the end result, there is a guarantee in place so you’re covered.

So, are the lines of communication open?

Does the company ‘talk sense’ or just keep on ‘pitching you’?

Can you get swatches?

Do they work with you to make sure the piano cover will fit?

Do they back their products with a money-back guarantee?

Mmmmmm – a few very important things to consider!


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