The 2 Undeniable Benefits Of Owning A Quilted Black Piano Cover

Black Quilted Piano Covers

Customers often ask us whether there’s a benefit to buying a quilted black piano cover versus one that is also black, but flat and smooth.

I like to answer with the following question: “If you have a nice cold beverage in hand with condensation on the outside of the glass and you need to put it down, what do you look for?”

Whilst many immediately answer “A coaster”, they often struggle to answer my next question “And then what?” 

Well the point is whether you put it on a coaster, a hanky (who even uses them these days?), a folded piece of paper or something else that could go between the glass and its destination, the real answer is: “A flat surface“.

Which is exactly what a quilted cover isn’t.

The luxuriously undulating surface of a quilted cover is probably the last place you’d pick as the final destination for your drink – it looks unstable – because it is.

Quilted covers have a built-in, visual deterrent to the use of the underlying piano as a parking place for glasses, vases or similar containers – a major benefit that comes at no extra cost when you own one!

So why a quilted black piano cover?

This question’s a lot easier to answer.

Black doesn’t show dirt and marks as easily as it’s lighter cousins so in theory will look cleaner for longer and need less sponging when marks do inevitably appear.

Which brings me to my next point.

A good piano cover will have a water-resistant outer layer making it easy to sponge off dirt, sticky finger-marks, cat paw-marks and the like – as well as protect against accidental spills.

But if black doesn’t work for you, as long as the outer has a water-resistant layer, don’t be deterred – there are plenty of colours to choose from.

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