How To Search For Your Piano’s Make & Model

How To Search For Your Piano's Make & Model

We have several hundred makes and models of pianos we make covers for so a very common question we come across is : How To Search For Your Piano’s Make & Model.

To make it easy for you we have an advanced search facility in the header of the site:

Start by typing in the model if you have it – for example if you have a Yamaha U1 piano, type in U1:

Like with a Google search, results matching what you have typed in will appear below the search bar.

You can then either select the correct result, OR press enter and all results with your search term will be opened in a new window:

If You Can't Find The Exact Make And Model:

  • Do NOT buy something you think might fit. 
  • Go here and follow the instructions depending on whether you have a grand or an upright piano:

And If All Else Fails:

Go to the Home link in the header – the Contact Us link is in the sub-menu, or go to the footer – the Contact Us link is also there:



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