How Much Does A Piano Cover Cost?

How much does a piano cover cost

‘How much does a piano cover cost?’ is a question we are often asked – particularly when customers are sending  us templates and measurements for what they sometimes consider is a ‘bespoke cover’.

Our definition of bespoke is as follows: anything you want outside of the standard manufacture process would be considered bespoke. For example the addition of logo’s, keyboard modifications, chain loops etc, – those are the things that we consider make a cover ‘bespoke’ and which will attract an additional fee.

So just to be clear – even though the cover you require may not currently be in our range, as long as you are not wanting something as described in the paragraph above, your cover falls within our standard ranges.

For more information regarding the ranges see ‘Piano Cover Styles’ in the menu.

So to summarise, we have decided to keep our pricing structure very simple.

Because we are based in the UK, VAT is included in the prices advertised.

Shipping is calculated separately. In the UK it is currently £17.94 including VAT for a single cover. 

If there is a discount offer running we will either apply it to the price or there will be a discount voucher code available at the top of the page.

VAT is removed during checkout for customers outside the UK which automatically reduces the advertised prices by 20%.

We believe in transparency and simplicity – hopefully this short post helps 🙂

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