Thinking Of Moving A Grand Piano? Here’s Some Help – Grand Piano Leg And Lyre Bags

Grand Piano Leg And Lyre Bag Kit

Moving a grand piano safely is a massive job by any standards, which is why we always recommend it be done by a specialist.

Specialists will usually have a range of grand piano removals covers in various sizes and shapes, to protect the piano itself.

They sometimes don’t have the same protection on hand for the legs and lyre however – parts of the piano which can be easily damaged during transit.

To my mind it doesn’t make sense to go to all the trouble of making sure the piano body and lid arrives unscathed and then run the risk of damaging one or more of the legs or the lyre because of inadequate protection.

So here’s our solution.

Whilst we make a full range of grand piano removal covers, we do also manufacture thickly padded leg and lyre bags which are reusable, durable and made right here at our factory in Leeds.

Using them will give you a much better chance of getting all the parts of the piano to their destination – in one piece and unscathed.

If you’d like a closer look at our range of grand piano protection, you can have a closer look HERE (opens a new window on our removals cover site).

Please note removals covers are generic sizes and shapes so are not recommended for specific makes and models of piano where aesthetics is important.

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